Web analytics is responsible for analyzing a website in order to optimize it and achieve the objectives set. With it, we can determine if the strategy we are carrying out is correct or if we should implement improvements to ensure the quality of the user experience.
Web analytics not only measure by measuring but also provide us with exhaustive information on the use and behavior of users regarding our website.
Its strategic intention is that the results help us to make certain decisions that will have a positive impact on our brand.
Knowing the results obtained from the analytics we will know what are the reasons why our website is working in one way or another.


Types of web analytics

Within analytics we can find three different types.

  • Descriptive web analytics. Through this type of analytics we can know the current situation of our website. Stores and appends historical data in a way that helps us understand our current and past status.
  • Predictive web analytics. This variety of analytics uses data, statistical algorithms, and different techniques to recognize the probability of future results based on analytics history. Its intention is to know what has happened in order to predict what will happen in the future.
  • Prescriptive web analytics. With this variety of analytics we can determine the effect of future decisions. In this way, the correct decision-making will be automated since we will know how and why they will happen beforehand.

As we can see, the analytics provides us with complete information about the situation in which our business is on the Internet. It is very important to be familiar with it so that you can take full advantage of it by using it to obtain good results.

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