Hosting is a service offered to Internet users to collect and store information. The information can be of any type such as videos, images, documents, etc … and everything we have in our email and / or website. It also gives you the opportunity to visit said information at any time and with any device that is connected to the internet.

Although it may seem irrelevant to us, it is not, since it will be the place where our domain and everything that our website contains will be hosted. On the other hand, this accommodation can affect different factors that prevent us from having a significant loss of users.

The importance of using a good hosting resides in the following points, which we must appreciate.

  • The hosting must be of sufficient quality to ensure resources, good web performance and optimal loading speed. The most advisable thing is that the hosting is hosted in the same country as the web page.
  • We will choose one that avoids error codes by improving our positioning in search engines and optimizing the SEO strategy.
  • We will decide on the one that quickly and easily provides us with solutions for any type of problem that may appear.
  • A good hosting will provide us with the security measures we need to avoid computer attacks.


What are the most used hosting

Here we detail the Top 4 of the most used hosting.

  • Cloud hosting. This type of hosting uses various servers to optimize uptime. It does not use a single server allowing the website to access several servers that use group resources but centrally.
  • Virtual private hosting. This type of hosting refers to a virtual division within a physical server to which exclusive resources are assigned for each partition. In other words, each project works with its operating system without sharing resources with others.
  • Shared hosting. Various web pages are hosted on it within the same server. In this way, the resources of said server are shared, dividing the storage among all the users.
  • Dedicated server. It is characterized basically because it is for exclusive use. In other words, it belongs to a single client so that it is not shared with other jobs. It is also capable of adapting its capabilities to the needs stipulated by the user.

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