On June 15, Google announced the end of the implementation of its Google June 2021 Core Update. He did it through Twitter and, interestingly, three days after its completion. This big update to the search algorithm has been special for another reason too. They usually last two weeks. The Google June 2021 Core Update has only lasted 10 days. As you will remember, it started on day 2, as we tell you in this article.

fin Google June 2021 Core Update 12/06

As we can see in some of the analysis tools, it has been an update with two important peaks: one around June 5/6, and another at the end between June 11 and 12:

Semrush Sensor:

fin Google June 2021 Core Update 12/06 semrush sensor


fin Google June 2021 Core Update 12/06 algoroo

Advanced Web Rankings:

fin Google June 2021 Core Update 12/06 advanced web ranking


Google June 2021 Core Update Impact Analysis

From a study by Amsive Digital of the global impact of this update to Google’s core algorithm, we can extract some interesting data. The first is that it has been an update that has disproportionately impacted YMYL websites (“Your Money, Your Life”, websites dedicated to medical or economic issues).

In the following graph we can see the change in the average total visibility of each category. This is intended to show how much each category has gained or lost visibility in relation to all other categories analyzed.

impacto de Google June 2021 Core Update

Next, we have the average percentage change in visibility by category, showing the variation based on the performance of the same category before the search algorithm was updated.

impacto de Google June 2021 Core Update

From these graphs we can easily extract that the categories that have gained the most visibility with this update have been those of “Reference Materials” (which includes sites that define words, dictionaries, wikis sites, public directories and question and answer sites) and “Computers and Technology”. On the other hand, those that have lost the most have been those of “Travel and Tourism” and those of “News”.

Among the domains that have gained the most, sites such as Wikipedia, Amazon, Cambridge, Facebook or IMDB stand out. Among those who have lost are Tripadvisor, Youtube, Yelp, CNN or Github.


Effect of the Google update on Sinapsis accounts

Regarding the accounts we manage at Sinapsis, we have observed that, after 10 days, 37.5% of the websites have experienced an upward trend, with the shopping sector standing out. 43.8% have suffered a drop in their visibility, especially the services sector. And, finally, 18.7% has remained stable.

It is important to remember that, as Google announced when launching this major update of the central algorithm, next month a second part is planned that, most likely, will offset the effects of this.

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