Silo structure is an SEO architecture technology that optimizes the structure of a website. Content is organized into a silo of keywords to increase the relevance of these keywords in the eyes of search engines.

Through this silo strategy, search engines will have a very clear understanding of the structure of the website, thus improving the relevance of the keywords they are working with.

In short, the main idea of the SILO strategy is to make it easier for search engines to visit the website.

Benefits of an Optimized Silo architecture

The structure and hierarchy of categories within a web page is called web page architecture, that is, the way in which the different elements of the portal are organized. 

This is a very important issue because it has an impact on SEO optimization and positioning.

By looking for a coherent structure, the web architecture can solve the needs of the online business; on the other hand, it facilitates the navigation of all the people who visit the page. 

How to create a Silo Architecture

Home Page

The silo structure is shaped like a pyramid. The first page is obviously the home page, and it should also be one of the most important pages of the website.

One recommendation is to use the home page to target highly competitive keywords. On the other hand, the home page of the website will also be the URL that gets the most inbound links.

Pillar Pages

The next level of the SILO architecture is the so-called pillar page. These are pages that “attack” keywords that are very important to the company because they attract a lot of traffic as well as sales.

The link structure gives meaning to the organization and allows users and search engines to understand the relationship between the pages. Therefore, the pillar page links to all the sub-articles and from them it also links to the main page.

The pillar page is directly connected to the home page, which is done through the cluster navigation.

Content clusters

Articles on the website will respond to keywords derived from the keywords on each pillar page.

Content clusters are a series of articles that delve into different aspects related to the pillar pages. Their main function is to provide quality, value-added information to the stack pages.

As for the length of the cluster content, they should be shorter than the pillar pages. If the home page of the website is 3000 words, 1000 or 1500 may be sufficient.

Links in the SILO framework for SEO

The third element that makes up the SILO architecture is the link. The latter are what allow search engines to index the website; they also give users a coherent structure.

The pillar page must contain a link to the cluster content to connect to that section. But not only text links can be linked, but also YouTube videos or other parts of articles; as long as they are related to the topic.

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