Google has rolled out the fourth version of the Product Reviews Update, a search algorithm update focused on ranking content related to product reviews. The first of these very specific updates took place on April 8, 2021. The second was released on December 1, 2021. The third was published on March 23, 2022. And, this fourth, with the name of July 2022 Product Reviews Update, was released yesterday, July 27.

Google made the announcement of this new update via Twitter, linking to the usual help document on how to write product reviews.


Google product review updates

Product review updates are intended to promote higher quality review content. Those that go beyond simple template information. Google explains that it will promote these types of reviews in its search results.

Google states that it will not directly punish low-quality product reviews with scant content that merely summarizes a bunch of products. Although, technically, that is the result of this update.

Technically Google also explains that these updates should only affect product review content and not other types of content. But the truth is that, in the three previous versions, we have been able to observe that they have affected ecommerce apart from review content.


About the July 2022 Product Reviews Update

As Google has explained on a few occasions, just like core updates, product review updates usually take a few weeks to roll out. So this July 2022 Product Reviews Update is expected to take two to three weeks to complete. On the other hand, even if they are not updates to the core algorithm, they can have as much impact as these.

Regarding the content of the help document for writing product reviews, Google has added three new tips in this edition:

  • Are product review updates relevant to ranked listings and comparison reviews? Yes. Product review updates apply to all forms of review content. The best practices we have shared also apply. However, due to the shorter nature of ranked lists, you may want to demonstrate expertise and reinforce authenticity in a more concise manner. Citing relevant results and including original images from tests you have done with the product can be good ways to do this.
  • Are there any recommendations for reviews recommending the “best” products? If you recommend a product as best overall or best for a certain purpose, be sure to share with the reader why you think that product is the best. What differentiates the product from others in the market? Why is the product particularly suitable for the recommended purpose? Be sure to include first-hand supporting evidence.
  • If I create a review that covers multiple products, do I still need to create reviews for the products individually? It can be effective to write a high-quality ranked list of related products in combination with detailed single product reviews for each recommended product. If you write both, make sure there is enough useful content in the ranked list for it to stand on its own.


At We’re Sinapsis we will monitor the evolution of this update, pending any possible variation that affects our accounts.

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