Google Data Studio is an analytical tool that allows the creation of reports in a professional way, being these very complete and easy to understand. It provides us with everything we need to transform the visualization of information and the volume of data into rigorous reports. These reports can be simply configured; line graphs, charts, bar graphs as well as selection of fonts and the insertion of our company logo. In addition to all this, we can create dashboards to examine our own project or that of clients effectively allowing us to make the right decisions.

The main purpose is that we can achieve an analysis of the data in a totally visual way. Before the reports had to be made with Google Analytics and transferred to Excel sheets to be able to make the graphs and tables. This involved a dedication of time that we undoubtedly saved by using the Data Studio platform.

Advantages of Google Data Studio

The main advantages available to the application are:

  • Free. Yes, it is available to everyone completely free of charge.
  • Unlimited data. Both the amount of data and the number of pages in a report are unlimited making them much more complete.
  • Personalization. The design is 100% customizable, being able to insert images, logos, choose between different fonts as well as adjust the grids, align the graphics, tables and texts.
  • Filters and fields. This tool allows you to add filters to each dashboard to customize the graphs and tables of a report as well as individualized metrics.
  • Notes. Data Studio gives the option to insert comments that help to read the reports, indicate data that we consider relevant and add additional information.
  • Data sources. We can use within the same report all the sources that we need to use, allowing the analysis of different traffic channels, wherever they come from. (Google Ads, Instagram, Analytics, etc.)
  • Downloads. With this application we can download our reports and share them with colleagues or clients either online or by downloading the report in PDF.
  • Simplicity. With a super-intuitive interface, Data Studio offers us to carry out all this reporting work in the simplest way.

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