SERPS is the acronym for Search Engine Result Pages. Therefore it refers to the results pages of Google or any other search engine; Bing, Yahoo !, Ask,… showing an average of ten results.

At the moment we make a query on the internet, the search engine then shows us a list of answers in order of importance. This order is established by algorithms that are responsible for conditioning the positioning strategies of a company.


SERPS Modalities

Apart from the organic modalities of SERPS, those that appear on the results pages with a list of links, we can find the following:

  • Paid SERPS. This modality is the result of campaigns in AdWords. Usually we find them at the top of a page although sometimes they can appear on the right margin of the page.
  • Carousel. They are related to those searches in which there are different alternatives of choice.
  • Featured Answers. We can find them when we do a search on specific topics. They provide us with relevant information quickly without having to enter the result to receive said information, they usually appear when we look for definitions.
  • News of interest. As the word says, these results correspond to current topics of general interest and which are being talked about in the digital press. This type of SERPS allows us to enter directly into the communication medium that we select.
  • Images. By clicking on the images section of the search engine, we will be able to carry out more specific searches with this format.
  • Information tables. These results are those that are shown to us inside a box that contains the main information about what we are looking for.
  • Internal links. This modality will take us directly to different sections of a page through lists that appear below the main link.
  • Local information. They are those that show the service we are looking for appearing depending on the proximity to our location. It will also give us very useful information such as; schedules, addresses, customer ratings, etc …
  • Shopping SERPS. They show us images of what we are looking for and inform us about prices, establishments where to buy and links to web pages of each one of them.

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