TikTok Library is a new video creation tool launched by the social network to help content creators by participating in the latest trends and integrating gifs into their videos. To start with, there will be the so-called Giphy Clips, gifs with sound in TikTok videos. But the social network has already announced that it plans to expand its offer of additional content, which will include audio and sound, as well as text templates, among others.



How Giphy Clips came to be


Giphy Clips launched in 2019. And in just three years, they have become one of the go-to mediums for film and TV studios, video game creators, record labels and other media outlets to share their licensed content on the gifs platform. Since its inception, Giphy Clips has continued to expand to accommodate thousands of content creators who take advantage of the sound gifs’ features to more easily reach their followers.

Tik Tok has stated in its official press release:

“Whether it’s Duet, Stitch, Chroma and other effects, our innovative features are inspired by the diverse ways creators around the world express themselves and bring their creativity to life. Today we’re introducing the latest addition to our creativity toolkit as we begin rolling out Library, a new in-app authoring tool with Giphy content that provides the opportunity to access a wide range of content, opening up even more creative possibilities.”




How to access the content library


The integration of gifs into TikTok videos is done in the following way:

  • Select the new library icon from the side menu, on the camera screen.
  • When accessing the library, select from the trending content or use the search bar to locate a specific topic.
  • Once you have chosen the content, you can create a clip with the desired duration and return to the camera page to continue capturing content.

The Giphy Clips embedded in TikTok videos are varied and can be used to great effect. They include:

  • Reactions: expressing emotional reactions with gifs makes all the difference. We have all seen how the perception of the content can change if it is accompanied by the right gif: ideal to give more emotion to each publication.
  • Quotes: in gif creations on TikTok, and to round off the effect of the creations, the use of quotes from prominent people can be very useful.
  • People: to look for influencers, celebrities, athletes and more, a way to encourage expression.
  • Iconic moments: these can be very varied, and can be a great conversation starter.

This library feature, which will be offered by TikTok, will initially be rolled out in selected markets for Android devices. It will then continue to expand to iOS, before going global in the coming weeks.