Currently, it cannot be denied that video marketing is gaining more and more importance. You just have to think a little about the amount of video content that we consume throughout the day almost without realizing it. Whether it’s YouTube clips, web ads, or Instagram reels, if you think they were shot on iPhone without any planning, you’re wrong. And it is that, although Apple assures us that its mobiles can do wonders, without goal-oriented planning you will not get anywhere. Defining this process is the basis of video marketing and it is what will make the production of the video flow and the final result will be a success.


First step in videomarketing, pre-production

One of the main trends in online marketing is the hyper-personalization of content. Logically, it extends to video marketing and for this it needs well-structured and well-managed data to get the message that impacts the target audience. For this reason, in audiovisual pre-production, the keys are order and coordination with the marketing team.

Determine the objectives and the buyer person

The main thing is to be clear about the objectives and which buyer person of our business we want to impact with our video. Once determined we can move forward in the process.

Select the type and format of video

It is important to be clear about the type of video we want to make (an animation, an interview, a success story, a webinar, a product presentation, etc.) and its format (the format of a video for YouTube will be different than one for an Instagram reel). In this step we define the structure and style of the video.

Define the budget

We must determine the available and necessary resources to get everything up and running, taking into account the human and technical team.

Content Planning

The planning phase has three key points:

  • The script: It is the beginning of the creative process and the first step to structure the ideas.
  • The storyboard: Define the style and visual narration of the video through illustrations or images.
  • The shooting plan: It is the roadmap that determines every detail of the video: the types of shots, direct sound, lighting, cameras. It also includes a timeline and resource allocation.


Audio-visual production

It is the central stage of the process, in which all the previous work is reflected. Depending on the type of video we have selected, we have two shooting options. These are not exclusive and can be present in the same video:

The video recording

Working with the technical and human team, we will shoot the parts with voice and the parts with audiovisual resources. We will review backgrounds, lighting, sound, makeup and the continuity between shot and shot.

Computer animation

It is also possible to create animations of characters, backgrounds, figures or text using motion graphics techniques.


Audiovisual post production, finishing the creation of the video

With the result of the filming or animation, it is time to process and edit the material. Whether they are real images or animations, you have to order and assemble them. We will select what goes before or after, we will add extra elements if necessary and we will define the format that will see the light. In this process, these are the most important steps:

  • Viewing: Each recorded or animated clip is selected, choosing in each one the timing in which the correct shot is that we will include in the final video.
  • Edition (Montage): After viewing and selecting the different clips, we will edit the clip following the script to give it the final shape. We will add the music and voiceover when necessary. In the case of adding music, generally the montage should be to the rhythm of it in order to provide fluidity to the audiovisual piece.
  • Color correction: once assembled, it is essential to apply a color correction that matches what we want to convey with the video. It is not only about looking for a good aesthetic, but about taking the viewer’s emotions where we are interested.
  • Added elements: With the video already assembled we will add the text printers, animations or add effects.


Video review and broadcast

There is still one step left before publishing the video, its review. It is always interesting that both the team and trusted people outside the team review the final work.

Corrected and validated, we will have the video ready to publish it on the platforms that interest us. Following our video marketing strategies, we will publish it on the appropriate platforms and track the metrics to determine its performance.


Videomarketing, an increasingly profitable option

User preferences for video content are indisputable. That does not mean that you have to make them yourself or that you have to dedicate an exorbitant budget. At We’re Sinapsis we are specialists in video marketing and we can advise you. If you have an idea in mind or you would simply like to make a video adjusted to your marketing strategy, we will love to help you achieve it.

Francesc es el responsable de Content Marketing de Sinapsis. Con más de diez años de dedicación al copywriting ha acumulado una gran experiencia en diversos temas aunque su mayor pasión sigue siendo el marketing online. Friky de corazón, ha encontrado en el SEO una nueva forma de seguir "jugando".