It is obvious that any web page worth its salt needs to have a design with a good organization of the elements that you want to show. To begin it is necessary to be clear about the content that we are going to show, once it is solved, you can start with its design. There are different and varied ways to do it, but all of them must go through seeking a greater impact on the user. By improving navigation, we will improve the general user experience.

It is necessary to know that in just a few seconds our website can have a positive or negative impact on the user. If we have a positive impact, the user will continue browsing our website, otherwise they will withdraw and look elsewhere. Working on the design of a web page can make everything change, it is for this reason that it is so necessary to have a good web design. Fortunately, this field is advancing by leaps and bounds and every year new trends appear that reinforce the designs of web pages.

Mobile devices continue to be preferred over desktop, and privacy and security have become a priority for users. The usual procedures that were used in the web pages are outdated or do not provide the results of years ago. Web design is one of the most relevant aspects for companies to achieve optimal results in the field of sales. For this, the option they have is to update and catch up.

For every brand, having friendly, functional and easy-to-use websites is essential to improve the user experience. If you want to know some of the trends in web design for this new year 2022 we will detail them below.

tendencias diseño web 2022 colores sugestivos

Suggestive colors

Striking colors are back in web design. The colors are not only suggestive ways to attract the public, but also convey important information to the viewer. In the world of marketing, colors, regardless of personal interpretations and tastes, are widely studied. The web design trends for this year are going to have a lot to do with social interpretations or with the culture of individuals.

Intense and saturated colors, but without visually loading, is one of the novelties. Of course, they must be integrated with skill so as not to tire the user and achieve the opposite effect. The bold, bright and saturated colors will help stand out from the soft neutrals that many companies have opted for in recent years.

tendencias diseño web 2022 accesibilidad


At Somos Sinapsis we believe that this more than a trend is an obligation and we are fully committed to it. Awareness about the need to take into account people with functional diversity when designing a website is essential. We are not only talking about a question of customer service or user experience, but about something as important as values. Web accessibility encompasses many aspects of a site and should be part of the design process from the beginning. Some clear examples would be;

  • Create clear contrasts between texts and backgrounds.
  • Add labels and instructions to forms.
  • Use alternative text in images to include informative descriptions and make it easier for users who use text readers.

tendencias diseño web 2022 diseño vintage

Vintage design

As in fashion in web design everything returns, previously we mentioned the colors and now it is the retro style. In recent years we have seen the old become a trend again, as the same has happened with everything retro in web design. We will see more and more use this year of fonts with vintage aesthetics or noise-like or psychedelic effects in web design.

The vintage design is characterized by eye-catching details such as bright background colors and pixelated fonts. The main advantage of this trend is that it provides more freedom and fewer limitations when it comes to expressing ideas.

tendencias diseño web 2022 efectos tridimensionales

Three-dimensional effects

3D elements are increasingly used in web pages as a fundamental part of them. Technology has allowed the approach of this type of images to people. Three-dimensional technology can be used to give a more current look or to supplant elements that are otherwise difficult to reproduce.

We can say then that 3D design is here to stay in the world of web design. Fortunately, there are plenty of free and paid downloadable resources available to use in your designs. 3D effects work perfectly to render products in the most realistic way possible.

tendencias diseño web 2022 minimalismo


A minimalist design with few elements, properly selected, will help visitors focus on what is important and carry out the actions we want. This design trend is closely related to simplified navigation. The easier it is to get to what is needed, the more options will have to convert users. By reducing the navigation menus, we will simplify the user experience and increase the speed of our website. It is not exclusively about “less is more” but about choosing the elements well so that it turns out to be an elegant and eye-catching website without being overloaded. Therefore, it is about eliminating anything that could be a distraction and concentrating on what is really essential.


We will remain attentive to the new trends that emerge in the world of web design throughout this year to tell you about them in advance.

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