Google Analytics is a web analytics tool used to analyze the sessions of a web page. It provides grouped information of the traffic that arrives to the websites based on the audience, acquisition, behavior and conversions made on a web page. By obtaining these reports, we will know if the content we are delivering is optimal for users or if it lacks interest. Once the reports are obtained we can act accordingly and if necessary we will improve the marketing strategy with new actions to maintain, retain and achieve conversions.

How does Google Analytics work?

The operation is simple. Through cookies, Google Analytics can explore and have data on the activity that users perform when they enter our page or application. This information managed by means of cookies is very beneficial to be able to create new marketing strategies and SEO positioning. Once the user data is collected, it is sent to the account that we have created in Google Analytics. This collects them and shows us this data as information after having entered the tracking code on all the websites. Step by step it would be like this.

  1. The user visits our website.
  2. The tracking code sets a cookie on your browser.
  3. The tracking ID collects the data using the cookie and sends it to Google Analytics.
  4. Google Analytics offers the collected data in the form of a report giving the results of; audience, acquisition, behavior and conversions.

What are the advantages of using Google Analytics?

Among the main advantages we can find the following.

  • It enables the connection and association with other Google services such as AdWords, AdSense, webmaster Tools, … With which the cooperation between all these services makes it extraordinary.
  • It provides a large number of specific reports and statistics that can be split or refined according to our convenience. Furthermore, these reports are always in real time.
  • This platform is compatible with third-party services.
  • Using Google Analytics, it is not necessary to install traffic analyzers on the server of our website.

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