Every day millions of people around the world establish contacts with companies through Instagram. The social network stands as the preferred by companies to show their products. In the era of connectivity, photos and short videos confirm: “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Emerging startups, SMEs and multinationals take advantage of this great potential to connect with their followers. More and more users are contacting their preferred brands through the platform. The messaging channel becomes an ideal opportunity to drive sales through direct conversations with customers.

Instagram Messaging API

Within this optimistic scenario, the new Messenger API for Instagram is presented. After a beta study promoted by 30 developers and 700 different brands comes the new tool with which to manage conversations.

Start point

Among the motivations that inspired the creation of it, the following have been discovered:

The ability to manage all communications from one place. People communicate with companies from multiple different channels, such as phone calls, via email or sending messages through social networks. In order to offer personalized attention, the API allows developers to offer companies a platform from which to respond to all their messages, whatever their point of entry.

Optimize workflows in order to provide an excellent consumer experience in all phases of the journey. The integration of the API in logistics management and customer service systems provides higher overall efficiency ratios of business activity.

The loyalty of your community. When clients feel cared for, relationships of trust are established. Relationships that go beyond the final purchase. The Messenger system for Instagram makes it easy for companies to respond to queries as quickly as possible. An unobstructed path between questions and answers. The result is a constant interaction between consumers and brands.

api de messenger para instagram

Instagram Messaging API

Instagram presents itself as the emerging social platform. Due to its great visual potential, it has become the showcase for thousands of products. Both emerging companies and large companies recognize the opportunity that the communication channel represents to boost their brand image and increase their sales.

In order to increase the satisfaction of potential customers, companies are looking for better ways to manage their communications from one place. The goal, to reach everyone at all times. This is the reason that drives many of the companies to make large investments in specialized software, and that now, they see new opportunities in this tool. With the Instagram Messaging API, the various databases of the customer service team are integrated into a single management platform. In this way, the tool concentrates interactions whatever your incoming channel. Therefore, replying to customer messages from the Instagram chat itself is a thing of the past.

The Messenger API for Instagram is available to all developers who want to work on building the platform. The provision for commercial accounts is carried out under a phased schedule. A first stage of implementation targeted Instagram accounts with a number of followers greater than 10,000 and less than 100,000. Phase two of the study began on July 7, expanding its service to 1K and 100K accounts.


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