Microinfluencers are increasingly consolidated figures in digital marketing strategies worldwide. Their impact on the networks, as well as their great reach, represents an opportunity that companies and brands cannot miss.

But what exactly are microinfluencers? They are people who have a high level of popularity on the most popular social networks, such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tik Tok and YouTube, among others.

Although their number of followers is very high, they do not exceed one hundred thousand (100k), and all their publications generate special impact among the audience. Microinfluencers interact continuously with their followers through a very close relationship, making them an excellent alternative for promoting a brand, product or service on the platform where they are most popular.

Normally, the audience of microinfluencers trusts the information they transmit in a fresh and safe way, as if they were part of their closest social environment.




Differentiating an influencer from a microinfluencer

Although both terms are apparently very similar, it is important to differentiate them when designing a digital marketing strategy.

Influencers are national and/or global public figures who have more than a hundred thousand followers, and in some cases, even millions of people following them on their social networks. Normally an influencer is a public figure who is unreachable for their audience directly: movie stars, singers, sportsmen and women or people from the world of fashion and entertainment…

If an influencer does not interact with their followers from close proximity, it is because of the enormous interaction that surrounds them. Their publications get a very large number of “likes”, something that is exploited in advertising strategies.

As far as micro-influencers are concerned, they have a smaller number of followers on their social networks than influencers, but much more than the rest of the users of the networks (between 1,000 and 10,000). Their content is interactive and very close to their audience, with whom they interact continuously: this would be the advantage of having a smaller number of followers.

Although the number of “likes” that appear in the publications of microinfluencers is lower than that of influencers, they are “likes” that can be verified.


Reasons for the presence of microinfluencers in digital marketing strategies


There is no longer any doubt that the presence of a microinfluencer in a marketing strategy will help to boost the brand, its products or services.

Some of the advantages of having a microinfluencer are:

  • Better access to the brand’s specific audience: the messages launched by a microinfluencer will directly reach the target audience.  Microinfluencers usually specialise in specific topics, which can be used to target your advertising campaigns more directly.
  • Micro-influencers have a high level of engagement, in other words, they interact much more. This is not the case with influencers, as the more followers they have, the lower their engagement rate and the less reach their message has. The accounts of people who have less than 1,000 followers have an interaction rate of approximately 15%. Those with between 1,000 and 10,000 followers have an engagement rate of 7.4%. And those with more than 100,000 followers have an engagement rate of only 2.4%.
  • Marketing campaigns that include the presence of a microinfluencer are characterised by an increase in audience trust.  Followers perceive the proximity and appreciate the authentic relationship they establish with the micro-influencers. And this is reflected in greater success in the publication of their content.
  • The price for including micro-influencers in digital marketing strategies is lower than having influencers. Sometimes micro-influencers simply promote in exchange for being able to use the brand’s products or services for “free”.
  • Digital marketing strategies with microinfluencers are effective because, despite having a smaller number of followers, they are numerous and the content reaches the target audience directly.

Are you considering including a microinfluencer in your digital marketing strategy and don’t know how to do it? Ask us, we can do it for you.


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