Have you heard of the Parallax effect in web design? If you haven’t heard of it yet, it won’t be long before you hear a lot about it as an important element in digital strategy. The Parallax effect is a visual tool for creating a sense of movement and depth with objects and planes. And it’s not really something new: the legendary Walt Disney already used it in his feature films, although back then it was called a multi-plane camera.

Applied to web design, the Parallax effect is the one that appears on those pages that when you scroll (slide your finger across the screen or use the mouse wheel to scroll up or down), a kind of 3D impact appears. Although this effect can be very useful, especially on websites supported by storytelling, it is not advisable to overuse it. Too much of it can be overwhelming for the visitor to the page.

But properly applied and with a coherent message, the Parallax effect, with its ability to impact the user’s attention, can help to boost a digital marketing strategy.


Applying the Parallax effect in web design


The application of the Parallax effect on a website has its complexity, so it is preferable to entrust the task to web design professionals such as Somos Sinapsis. Because beyond the technical implications of implementing this resource, other factors must be taken into account, such as applying the most appropriate digital marketing strategy.

With the Parallax effect, often “Less is more”, and using it disproportionately or without a clearly defined sense, can do more harm than good. The aim is that the user is positively impacted when visiting the website, that they feel at ease and want to stay on the site out of curiosity. If the Parallax effect is misused, the opposite of the desired effect can be achieved: the user flees and avoids returning to the website.

Specialised professionals apply the Parallax effect through CSS and HTML, which is the most recommended way. It can also be done with some alternative plugins such as ScrollMagic, Page Piling, SuperScrollrama, Stellar and Skrollr.


Well-known websites with Parallax effect


In the digital panorama there are good examples of the Parallax effect in action:

Firewatch: one of the most aesthetically beautiful videogames in the sector, which is also evident on its promotional website. The Parallax effect has been applied in the right way, achieving a very elegant effect: it really invites you to stay, both on the web and in the game.

The Walking Dead: The well-known zombie series has managed to apply the Parallax effect masterfully in one of its promotional websites, applying the recommended storytelling. It allows you to move through the animated vignettes like any other character.

Diesel, the fashion brand. The interactive 3D Parallax effect on the brand’s websites is an opportunity to promote its products, combining them with games of planes.  Undoubtedly, this is an opportunity that other prestigious fashion brands will soon imitate.

There is no doubt that the Parallax effect is another creative advance in the world of digital marketing: it will be a question of making the most of it, but leaving it in professional hands.



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