We have been talking about the impact of PWAs (Progressive Web Applications) for some time now. And a few months ago we talked about the advantages of Magento PWA, which offered the possibility of developing an e-commerce mobile app based on Magento.

Among its advantages we highlighted:

  • Its shorter development time and lower associated costs compared to a native application.
  • That it is not necessary to develop an application for each operating system (Android, iOS).
  • It also requires less SEO effort as Magento PWA is SEO friendly.
  • The possibility of having push notifications.
  • A better user experience.
  • And the possibility of reaching more potential users.

Today we go one step further and delve into Adobe Commerce’s PWA Studio. The perfect tool to build progressive web apps for your eCommerce quickly and cost-effectively.


What is PWA Studio?

PWA Studio is a developer-focused platform that helps implement next-generation mobile experiences. PWA Studio comprises a comprehensive set of tools for creating online stores with app-like shopping environments. This helps eCommerce to solve the dilemma of mobile conversion while creating highly personalized shopping experiences.

The main features include:

  • Tools to customize content and add local preferences.
  • The ability to create and manage all channels and experiences through one code base, one implementation, and one app.
  • An intuitive and easy-to-use user experience with built-in Page Builder content management capabilities.
  • Modularized component architecture.
  • Developer tools specially designed for rapid prototyping, helpful debugging, rich feedback, and increased productivity.
  • A storefornt that speeds time to market with a pre-built UI and styling components from homepage to checkout.

The philosophy of PWA Studio is to facilitate the task of developers. That’s why it was built with your experience in mind, offering you robust tools, extensive documentation, and user tutorials. Additionally, its focus as an open source project on GitHub allows development teams to become familiar with the additional resources and technology required.


Advantages of PWA Studio

  • Lets you launch your PWA faster: PWA Studio development tools and thematic reference stores make it easy to create PWAs optimized to work seamlessly with Adobe Commerce back-ends.
  • You will be able to create the exact service you need: Its decentralized architecture and the robust API layer of GraphQL provide the flexibility to create services based on PWA Studio, take advantage of tools such as Adobe Experience Manager or create a completely custom UI/UX to experiment with the new digital touchpoints.
  • Save time managing your site’s content by: Giving marketers control over content based on PWA Studio with the built-in drag-and-drop Page Builder content creation tool.
  • You save hosting costs: With Adobe Commerce and PWA Studio, there is no need for separate cloud hosting for your store and back-end services.

PWAs are a major advance in the evolution of mobile commerce. The technology blurs the line between native apps and mobile sites by equipping merchants and developers with the ability to create app-like shopping experiences right in the browser. Given its power, speed, and flexibility, it’s hard to imagine a digital commerce experience that can’t be enhanced with the use of PWA technology. PWA Studio is the ideal platform to develop it.

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