At I/O 2021, Google officially announced its plans to bring in-page experience ranking to desktop, just as it had already done on mobile.

Yesterday, February 22, through the Google Search Central Twitter account, the launch of the long-awaited update was finally announced.

Page Experience Update para escritorio

As they explained in their tweet, the Page Experience Update was slow to boot for desktop. Expecting it to be completed towards the end of March. In fact, in a statement from the Search Center on November 4, they already indicated the dates of the timeline for this update.

Page Experience Update for desktop

This update will include all of the current signals from the mobile version of the Page Experience Update, with the exception of support for mobile devices. Google said that all mobile page experience factors will be included, with the exception of the mobile compatibility requirement, which is obvious. Here’s a chart from Google showing the specific factors:

Page Experience Update

Google Search Console Tools

In anticipation of this update, Google has already been publishing updated Page Experience Reports for desktop a few months ago in Google Search Console. You can access the reports at this link.

GSC Page Experience Update

First effects of the Page Experience Update for desktop

In the opinion of many SEO experts, we should not expect particularly drastic changes due to this update. In fact, from Google they have stated that “While this update is designed to highlight pages that offer excellent user experiences, page experience remains one of the many factors that our systems take into account… Given this, sites generally they should not expect drastic changes.”

But the truth is that the first “tremors” can already be observed in some tools that monitor the volatility of the Google search algorithm:

SemRush Sensor:

Page Experience Update semrush sensor

Advanced Web Ranking:

Page Experience Update advanced web ranking


Page Experience Update rankranger


Page Experience Update serpwoo

We must take into account that the only tools that have detected any fluctuation are those that record the activity of today, February 23, the date on which the desktop peak is recorded.

At Somos Sinapsis we will follow the entire process of this update with great interest, attentive to any changes.

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