Among the available content formats, the infographic is positioned at the top of the battle.

There are different models depending on the data used, the famous flow diagrams that are used to make diagrams of continuous processes, the timelines that expose evolutionary events or the concept maps that serve to define complex concepts facilitating their understanding.

Somos Sinapsis we have compiled some of the tools that allow you to make online infographics.


His name acts as an entrance card. Dedicated to the creation of infographics, its free version with no duration limit contains 30 types of diagrams, the opportunity to export your files and generate up to 10 continuous projects. To share your infographic with your work group, assign a password to your design.

Its architecture is simple and intuitive. Its interface is configured in templates and boxes. Its formats are text, video, maps, photos, among others.


Its interactive templates are perfect for video presentations. Upload your own sketches, create new ones, or customize existing templates. It’s very easy! You can share your infographics through a link, email, or social media. Add the HTML code to embed in your web page or blog. Available in free version.


Their motto: “You have an idea. We have a template to visualize it ”. PiktoChart has so many preconfigured designs that it will be impossible not to find the one that best represents your speech. Its customizable editor adapts to your needs. Adapt their colors, fonts, graphics or images, or add your own drawings.

Its statistical functions translate complex data into a visual alternate history. Links an Excel file that updates automatically every time you update its data.


What to say that has not been said before. Surely the vast majority of you know this tool. Its multiple opportunities have led it to be one of the favorites among users. Its use is adapted to any computer system or browser. It presents a version for mobile devices.

With more than 2 million photos. Discover their impressive templates.


The queen of infographics. Its more than 3 million users confirm it. Access its extensive catalog of designs, timelines, processes and reports. Its free version contains a dozen templates. Or, make your own project on its blank page. Choose the background and add the elements you want.


A place to recreate visual brand experiences for businesses without technical knowledge. IBM or Zurich vouch for its quality. It includes professionally designed templates, interactive maps, connection to your social networks and collaboration tools.

It incorporates automation functions for publishing or viewing, allowing you to adapt presentation times and analyze the effectiveness of published content.


Inspiration every day. Crello is a free graphic design editor with which you can create content without complications. It covers more than 30,000 templates.

With Crello the participation options are multiplied. In meetings, observers become active, gather up to 10 members in your editor. You can organize projects, make edits and develop new sketches. A collaborative space where to build synergistic ideas.

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