The birth of YouTube in 2005 totally changed the rules of the game. By allowing any user to upload, publish and market their video content on their search engine, the prevalence and impact of video marketing has skyrocketed.

Currently, more than 2.6 billion users use the platform. But the truth is that YouTube is not the only participant in this game. Platforms such as Vimeo, TikTok, Facebook or Instagram have also made a strong commitment to the format, offering important video marketing features.

Local businesses can use all this potential of video marketing to drive traffic, reach more customers and grow online.

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The importance of local video marketing

Let’s start by analyzing what benefits starting a local videomarketing strategy can bring us:

  • Website traffic. Online video publishing and click optimization can drive more users directly to your website.
  • Increased income. Video marketing can influence purchasing decisions and increase revenue for your local business.
  • Brand awareness. Video exposes your business to more users on a wider range of platforms, helping to boost your business visibility.
  • Trust and authority. Posting valuable content can build trust with your audience and give your business authority.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO). Embedding videos on your web pages and articles can help your site rank higher in Google image or organic search.
  • Backlinks. Videos can add value to your content and encourage other sites to link to your website, which is good for SEO and referral traffic.
  • Email marketing. Videos are a great plus to your email marketing campaigns, as they generate more engagement and more clicks.
  • Advertising. Many video platforms offer paid advertising opportunities to drive even more clicks and revenue for your business.
  • Local presence. Posting videos about your community or about local events can help you attract more customers in your area, even by advertising online.
  • Relevance. Creating relevant and engaging videos can further support your existing marketing campaigns, educate users about your business, and improve your digital footprint.

Local videomarketing strategies

Recent studies show that 70% of users buy a brand’s products after watching its video content on YouTube. It’s a clear indicator of how mature video marketing is, even for local businesses. We see below four local video marketing strategies.

Drive traffic with educational videos

An easy way to drive organic traffic is by posting educational videos. A large number of users tend to actively seek this type of information. And if you have the ability to publish and market content suited to their interests, you can use the power of search engines like Google or YouTube to increase your website traffic.

The first step is to carry out an analysis of keywords related to the searches that users carry out on Google and YouTube in relation to that type of content. For this you can use tools like Semush, Ahrefs, Sistrix, etc.

Then you create the video focused on that topic. At We’re Sinapsis we can help you from our Visual department. It will be necessary to optimize the title, description and tags of the video on YouTube for the target keywords that we hope to rank for.

We post the video on YouTube and may embed it on our website as well.

This will help generate organic traffic and increase the authority of our site.


Build brand trust with featured product videos

Consumers increasingly tend to invest in those brands they know and trust. That is why it is important to build brand trust. And video marketing is an excellent tool.

Make videos with product demonstrations and tutorials that show their features and benefits. It works great to show potential customers how they can enjoy the product, use specific features, or apply it to everyday life.

In addition, with the addition of the appropriate keywords, we will be able to classify it in Google and YouTube search engines.


Reuse video content on social media

The reuse of resources is a common dynamic in local businesses. Small markets, fierce competition, few marketing resources, and the hope of always getting the best performance make resource reuse inevitable. Of course, also in video marketing.

The concept” is to reuse video content across all your platforms instead of creating unique video assets for each one.

We have a perfect example with the video formats that we mentioned before. >Featured product videos work great on social media. Why not use the same video for YouTube, for the web page in a blog post and for all your social networks? It just properly optimizes the tags for each platform.


Connect more with the customer with team bios and testimonials

Customers like to feel a special closeness to the brand. And video content can help nurture that connection. These are some examples:

  • Team Bios. Record team members sharing their passions, their day-to-day at the office, etc.
  • Testimonials. Customer testimonials evaluating products or services add a lot of value and trust to the brand.
  • Tutorials. Show your service or product in action through expert-led tutorials.
  • Summary of events. If you participate in a popular event in your local area, record your experience and add your personal comment.

Videomarketing is not just a thing for eCommerce giants. Local businesses can also benefit, including building customer connection, building trust or branding.

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