Can you imagine a cloud platform that allows you to create your own ecommerce? Well, it’s already a reality, and it’s called VTEX: it makes it possible for you to give life to a B2C, B2B, omnichannel or even a marketplace business.

It all started in 1999, when the Brazilians Mariano Gomide and Geraldo Thomaz created the platform in Rio, and it has grown very quickly: clients such as Sony, Nokia or Whirpool count on VTEX, which is already present in more than 26 countries.

Despite all the possibilities it offers, VTEX is easy to use and stands out for its speed, allowing the business to be available to start selling in a short time.



The main functions of VTEX


Many different types of businesses can benefit from the functionalities of VTEX:

  • It offers options to suit different types of business: B2C, B2B, Marketplace and Omnichannel, and from different sectors such as fashion, cosmetics, food, household appliances, home and furniture. 


  • As far as SEO is concerned, it favours its optimisation in ecommerce with several options.


  • Personalised offers and promotions can be created, to be sent to the customer at the best time, as well as selecting the way in which things are viewed, as it works as a Content Management System.


  • It optimises logistics, however complex they may be. It doesn’t matter whether the company has several warehouses, shipping systems, or its own collection points or those of others. At the logistics level, VTEX is omnichannel and offers multiple possibilities. It is even mobile-friendly. Customers can also buy online and pick up the order in a physical shop.


  • Improvements in the product catalogue: with VTEX, the possibilities in that sense expand, being able to add more content of all kinds (images, videos, opinions and reviews, features, descriptions, etc.). 





  •  Because it is easy to use, so much so that no ecommerce experience is required. It also stands out for the speed with which it can be set up. 
  • It is for everyone: the adaptability of VTEX makes it suitable for any type of shop.
  • It offers greater autonomy, as it has so many functionalities that it does not require the intervention of third parties for its development. 


 In short, VTEX is positioned as one of the best options for setting up an ecommerce thanks to the speed of its implementation and its multiple functions, which will surely be expanded. We will comment on them as they happen.  




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