Did you know that 9 out of 10 internet users who follow brands on social networks are consumers of their videos? And that is exactly what this article is about: video marketing, a technique based on audiovisual material to promote a product, service or brand, and which forms part of the marketing strategy.

These videos bring a new and fresh plus to the brand’s content strategy, and can be disseminated through corporate social networks, email marketing campaigns, landings pages…

The power of images has a remarkable impact on emotions, a detail that has not escaped the attention of many companies that are strongly committed to video marketing. But the phenomenon, in reality, is not so new: already in 2019 many businesses used video marketing with excellent results in terms of return on investment.

Surveys show that around 80% of consumers have bought a software or app because of a video. It’s no wonder that brands are increasingly turning to this persuasive tool: the video marketing, one of the services we offer at We’re Sinapsis. Let’s look at its advantages in detail.


Main advantages of Video Marketing


  • Originality in conveying the message, impacting on both positive and negative emotions of the user. 
  • Greater clarity in conveying what we want, since in audiovisual content, in addition to image, voice-over, music and text can be used.
  • Message easier to memorise, because watching the video involves both sight and hearing at the same time. 
  • Easier to be consumed by the user, as a video is more convenient than a text message.
  • Increased engagement, because videos are easily shared.
  • Increased conversion, because videos encourage purchase by conveying a more complete idea of the product or service.
  • It favours positioning, because if the videos are part of YouTube, for example, they appear more easily on the first pages of Google search results.
  • Generates traffic to the company’s website.




The different video marketing formats


Depending on your company’s strategy, you can create different types of videos:

  • Advertising videos: those that commonly appear on television, but which can also appear online.  Corporate videos: these are videos that show the company’s values and, sometimes, its facilities and employees. These contents try to capture the corporate culture in images.
  • Portfolio: to showcase the company’s style or creations. 
  • Demonstration of the characteristics of products or services, even as if it were a catalogue, which helps to promote sales. 
  • Training or tutorials, to explain what the products or services consist of, or to provide training on topics related to the company. Testimonial videos: reflect the opinion and experience of the company’s customers with one of the products or services.
  • Blog format for the person representing the company to present a topic of interest to the camera.
  • Contest format carried out by users according to the rules of participation indicated by the organising company.
  • Announcing company events, showing images that transmit the chronicle of their participation, with background music. 



In order to create quality videos that are really effective on the Internet, it is important to have state-of-the-art technical equipment, as well as specialised facilities and personnel. In other words: it is the task of a marketing agency that is also specialised in audiovisual services, such as We’re Sinapsis

Would you like to know more about video marketing, or how it could be adapted to your project? If you have something in the pipeline, or on your mind, let us know. 

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