Unbounce is one of the tools used to create landing pages (a website that a user accesses after clicking on a link from another website). Thanks to landing pages we can increase our conversion rate and transform users into potential customers. This tool is considered essential to be able to design in a responsive format, a very important fact considering that mobile browsing increases every day.

It has a menu that facilitates its use by providing a simple manual for creating designs. The simplicity of the software resides in that to use it we only have to drag and drop. That is, we can select elements from the side menus (buttons, images, titles, shapes, etc.) and drag them to the section we want on our landing page. After having dragged them to where we want from our landing page, it gives us the option of being able to edit the selected elements to our liking.
With this design tool we will be able to create landing pages without having great knowledge in the matter, since it is very intuitive.

Within this application we can find more than 100 types of template to choose from, they have been created and validated by experts and marketing companies. These templates are 100% customizable to fit our needs. It is a recommended option to attract users and reach the conversion that is really the purpose we are looking for. One of the most characteristic filters of these templates is that you can filter and search by sectors or types of campaigns.

What can we value and compare with Unbounce

With a simple click we will generate different variations of the same landing page, being able to duplicate it and make variations in some of these elements.

  1. Detailed content or Concise content. Less is more, so the more concise the landing page, the better. We will leave the detailed content for some specific sectors where it is necessary to extend it to influence the decision-making of the user.
  2. Call to action. Replace call-to-action button text or change color. The CTA is the main objective to be able to make conversions.
  3. Reduced forms. It is interesting to reduce as much as possible the number of fields that users must fill in to get leads. In this way we will also reduce the so-called Abandonment Rate, which is closely related to the amount of information that is requested in a form.

In addition to all this, unbounce offers support in which you can find among others:

  • Video tutorials
  • ForUMs
  • Blogs
  • Frequent questions
  • Chat or toll-free support
  • Technical support via mail.

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