We understand social media traffic as that traffic that comes to a website from social media platforms and social networks. If we click on a post on a social network and it takes us to that brand’s website, digital analytics will count it as social traffic. When we talk about social networks and platforms, we refer to all those that we are well familiar with such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

If our page receives many visits that come from this type of platform, it means that our content on social networks is of quality and attractive. Knowing how to spread the message of a content adequately to attract more users is almost as important or more than writing that content well.


How to increase social media traffic

We can increase the social media traffic of our brand using little tips. And it is that as a friend of mine says, you already have NO, you go for the YES.

  • Interact with users through groups on social networks. In this way we will make ourselves known and we can take advantage of it to solve doubts that our followers may have about our product or service.
  • We can share our page with friends and family so that they in turn share with other users that we do not know directly.
  • Share our content on all social platforms that we know, content that is made in a creative and attractive way. We will have to be constant and offer interesting information every so often. The fact of doing it daily can be heavy for the followers so better leave them wanting more at least for a few days.
  • Analyzing the posts of the competition or other brands will help us get ideas for our page. It is not about copying, we will only use those ideas for reference.

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