The resolution of an image indicates the amount of detail that we can observe in it. The resolution of an image is measured by the number of pixels or dots per unit of size printed on the image by pixels. A pixel is the basic unit of color in a digital image. The resolution of an image does not refer to its size, but to the quality of each inch that makes it up. The higher the number of pixels, the higher the image resolution we will obtain, in this way if we print it in a large size we will not lose quality.

When we refer to screen images, the resolution is indicated in pixels per inch or ppi. When it comes to printed images, it is indicated in dots per inch or dpi

It is considered that from 200 dpi the resolution of a print is good. Anyway we want to make sure the ideal is that it reaches 300 dpi. This recommendation is due to the fact that there are different factors such as the optics of the camera or the image processor, which can reduce the quality.

Resolution is one of the most important characteristics for a good print result. When we create digital images in design programs, the width of the image is found in pixels because the medium used for creation is digital. In addition to pixels, there are vectors to design digital images.

We can find different methods to transform an image or a photograph and improve its resolution. Also on the internet there are several services that allow you to upload an image to be able to retouch it and achieve higher quality. But the truth is that the only thing that will make us have a satisfactory resolution and quality will be the pixels that the image contains.

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