Referral traffic is that through which visitors come to our website through direct links from other pages. In other words, pages that like our content or product place a link recommending our website. CPC (Pay Per Click) ads also fall within referral traffic.

The importance of this type of traffic is that it can significantly increase our positioning within search engines, placing us in the top positions. Attracting these types of visitors will increase our income since this type of user is more prone to purchases and subscriptions. And precisely that is what interests all the brands and companies that are in the network. Therefore it is important to take it into account not only to measure the number of visitors, but also the reputation of our website.

To determine if we are receiving the correct referral traffic, we can use various free tools that the internet provides us, such as Google Analytics. With these mechanisms we can precisely exclude how many of those return visitors we are getting. It will also tell us which pages they are exploring, where they have come from and what time they have spent on our website.

Increase referral traffic

At this point we must tell you that it is not easy but it is not impossible either, it just requires a little effort. In order to increase referral traffic, our website will have to be unique in content and stay ahead of the competition when launching a product. In other words, it will require us to be original and very fast to be innovative and put ourselves at the top of the queue.

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