Organic traffic refers to the number of Internet users that come from natural search results. They are all those visits that are made to a website or a mobile application. These results do not include those that are paid, such as AdWords campaigns.

If we increase the organic traffic of our website we will ensure that it continues to be visited for a long period of time. By optimizing our traffic we will appear in search engines above the competition and we will have more possibilities to transform visits into potential clients.

It is not an easy task to increase organic traffic, but if we do, its estimate is undoubted because the visits it provides are very valuable.


How to increase organic traffic

  • Website optimization. This will be the first step to increase our traffic. We must optimize our website by helping search engines to locate our site easily. Once this is done, the search results will automatically place us in a higher position than we had. All brands want to be positioned with a good web positioning but it is also necessary that our page is recognizable by Google bots. These robots collect countless documents from the web and create a database for the search engine. It is about making your website accessible to Google’s algorithms.
  • Generate content compatible with search engines. Generally our website is usually the first contact with the future client. For this reason, the content we generate must be of interest to users. If we don’t do this we won’t get any value and no one will find us in the search engine results.
  • Promote content. We will use the content published on our website to promote it on social networks. We will socialize with each and every one of them, contributing content and maintaining contact with the users of these platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc … all are known and allow this strategy to be carried out.
  • Keywords. We will use the main keywords of our company and integrate them in a tactical way in the content of the web. Keywords attract high-quality traffic and with it more visits and conversions.
  • Blogs. We can create a blog about information about our company that generates the interest of users. Google loves websites that are active and rewards them if the information is helpful and regularly updated. If you increase the content of your blog, it will improve its ranking significantly.

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