Mockups are photographic compositions that allow web designers to show the client how their designs will look. There are mockups for all kinds of designs, web pages, catalogs, business cards, logos, etc …

These patterns are produced with image editing programs or with specific layout tools where the controls already have basic functions. The photomontages provide credibility to the design that is made, in most cases on a real scale, helping to make an idea palpable. Therein lies the usefulness of a mockup allowing to show the final design as long as the representation has high quality. In addition, its development provides an idea of ​​the opinion of users.

To develop mockups we can find many web pages on the internet that provide us with this type of resources to download them online, both free and paid. The files are downloaded in .PSD format, from Adobe Photoshop, allowing you to work in layers with optimal results.

Thanks to mockups, designers can examine how their work is progressing and make changes or variations before showing the final result to the client.

If we want our mockup to be successful we will have to dedicate time and effort, it will not be enough to make a draft with four ideas. It is essential to choose the right tools so that our client is totally satisfied with the work done. The purpose will be to ensure that we have fully understood the idea that the client has transmitted to us. Once we are clear about the concept, we can begin to elaborate it with the instruments that we consider appropriate.

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