HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. This type of language is the one used for the development of web pages. It is used to group and expand the content of a web page, whether it be text, images, data or bullets.

The first transcript appeared in 1991 by Tim Berners-Lee and was composed of a sketch of 18 items of which 13 are still in use. Not too considerate in its principles it was not until 1993 when it was recognized and standardized the languages of the network.

How HTML works

It works based on written markers that appear in quotation marks and from which the appearance and composition of a web page is ordered. We could compare it with human DNA but taken to a website, this HTML DNA will be the one that defines how that page will be. The indicated code will tell the browser where to get the techniques to represent an order, sequence and how to establish them. Following the code at the table, the browser will grant us web browsing.


HTML tags

HTML tags are the instructions that each code has. Those entries in quotes have a specific value in the set and the browser translates them into a web. All tags should open (<) and close (>) when finished in the correct order and sequence to avoid confusion. The most common tags to create any HTML document and their uses are the following.

  • <body> For content.
  • <head> To report on the document.
  • <div> To create a division within the content.
  • <a> For the links.
  • <strong>To make the text bold.
  • <br> For line breaks.
  • <img> To add images to the document.
  • <ol> For ordered lists.
  • <ul> For unordered lists.
  • <li> For elements within the list.
  • <p> For paragraphs.
  • <span> For styles of a specific part of the text.

HTML properties make our work easier by making it faster and more efficient.

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