Front-end development is the application that transforms data from a graphical interface so that users can interact with the information. Consequently, the front-end is the part of a website that interacts with a user, also known as the part that is on the client side. For the front-end, languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, Java Script, Ajax, Jquery … are used, which should be familiar to the developer.

The front-end is an essential part along with the back-end to work in the digital world both in programming and marketing or design. It is one of the halves in which the composition of a web page is divided.

Within the front-end we will find all the web design work, each of the languages ​​that we use will be directed to a specific objective. The sum of all these languages ​​will give rise to what the user sees on his screen, allowing everything to work perfectly.

This part will be the one that shows the identity of our brand to the public. Thanks to the front-end we can attract or alienate the customer depending on how it has been developed. Therefore, it will take all possible effort since what we achieve depends on it.

Its design should be simple but attractive to use. If the user enjoys a good browsing experience, we will get a longer time on our website in return. What transforms into the possibility of attracting other clients, greater visibility of our brand and generation of potential clients.

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