The back-end development is the part of the development that is carried out by the programming of the different components of a website such as forms, databases, pages, etc … Within the back-end development we will not find any type of graphic element since this part it is not displayed to the user. It is more related to the functionality, security and optimization of a website. It is a type of internal architecture that makes sure that all the elements that compose it are developed in the appropriate way. A mistake in the logical development of a website can lead to the fall of the page.

The languages ​​used in the back-end and with which a developer should be familiar are:

  • PHP. Of the most used in the main content managers.
  • Python. It is frequently used as an outline or pattern.
  • Node.js. It is the one that is used the most lately because its language is very similar to that of JavaScript.
  • ASP.NET. It is Microsoft’s web development platform and has the different variants of Web Forms and MVC.
  • Ruby. Its Ruby on rails pattern is also used.

The tools most used by programmers are compilers and code editors. Usually the person who is in charge of the back-end development is the same person who is in charge of the front-end.

Back-end development is essential to be able to create custom projects since the work you do is more rational and less creative. For the design and creation part there is already the front-end. Both work side by side so that the operation of our page is optimal both externally and internally.

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