Have you ever wondered what is content marketing? When we talk about content marketing we are referring to a Marketing strategy focused on attracting potential customers in a natural way. These relevant contents are distributed through the different channels and digital media in which the audience we want to find is located. For example, you create content that is interesting and fun in order to attract them to your brand. In this way we are transforming the brand into a means of communication.

All this content must be created with the highest possible quality. Quality is the most important, it is the only way that we will obtain the desired effect and reach the public we are looking for. If they find the information they need, we can build loyalty to our brand.

What is the goal of content marketing?

It is not about writing for the sake of writing, to attract the public you will need the text to be of quality and varied. For this you will need to have experts in the field who can meet the objective. Here we will show you the four main objectives to be successful.

  • Increase the visibility of the brand. We are talking about getting to be seen and known by as many users as possible, particularly those who are part of your goal. If we offer the right content, we will attract enough attention to convert them into potential customers. We can conduct prior market research and plan content based on interests.
  • Contact and communication on social networks. Social networks are the best allies to know what people need. If your brand is capable of producing interesting and quality content, it will be very easy for your web traffic to increase. In this way, it will appear in the top positions of search engines, which in turn will make it more shared and commented on on social networks.
  • Greater contact and registration taking. To achieve this you will need to create good content and request the user’s registration in return. Thus we will have established the first contact with the future client. Remember that they will have left their data in exchange for downloading something of value to him from our website. Therefore, it is a potential user that will be in our database.
  • Relevant content YES – Direct and aggressive sale NO. It is about generating interest, for example through discounts or promotions but we must also be informing. The user should never feel that he is being informed but never that a product is being sold.


Content types

Although it may seem a lie, there are various types of content, you just have to investigate which is the one that can work best for your brand. Here are a few examples.

Blog It is a digital publishing platform that allows people or companies to express or communicate ideas and opinions on a specific topic. Definitely if you have a website you need to have a blog. It will add value to your brand, it will allow you to expose what you do and you will be able to generate traffic, a link profile and more activity on social networks.

Mentions They are a great way to help businesses monitor their brand perception and visibility. Being cited in publications will increase awareness of it, boost referral traffic and achieve the acquisition of links from reliable sources.

Infographics It is an incredibly useful communication tool, since having a visual format, it is processed by the human eye much faster. We will try to present data, statistics or pieces of information in an attractive, visual and exciting way. They should never have too much text and it will be as visual as possible.

Technical documentation and user guide This is a technical communication document intended to provide assistance to people using a particular system. The language used should be simple, aimed at an audience that may not understand overly technical language. It will allow users easy access to informational content, add value to their experience, and increase the chances that they will visit your site again.

We have only mentioned a few, there are many more. Presentations, videos, images, podcast …


What are we going to write about

The first thing you should know is that there are no limits when writing content. Your clients have the key on what you should write, listen to them. Think about what they would like to be informed of. When you have decided on the topic, try to investigate which words can be key to determine if there is a highly searched term that your text should include. Keyword Planner is ideal for this, it is a free keyword planner from Google. The main function is to help find the most suitable keywords for a content.


Has my campaign been successful?

We already know the objectives, the types of content and the topic we are going to write about, now we want to know if we have been successful. Well, we have several tools that will measure the effectiveness of our content marketing according to the data that we want to know.

  • Google Analytics. This tool provides basic information such as number of visitors and visits to our website, average visit duration, average page views per user … We can also configure specific objectives that will tell us how many contact form submissions have been completed as a result of a content.
  • E-commerce monitoring. Or what is the same, electronic commerce monitoring. The e-commerce platform will identify the best-selling products. This will serve to track how much cash the content has been to translate it into leads, sales and increased revenue.


With this basic first steps guide you can now encourage yourself to create your own content.

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