Although it seems like a practice that has become outdated, email marketing and automation are today presented as a huge opportunity for brands when it comes to not only increasing billing, but also getting closer to their consumers and forging a lasting and prosperous relationship.

But all this world of possibilities is sometimes limited by bad practice in its execution, since changes in consumer habits have made sending emails become a real headache for brands and pass increasingly unnoticed by customers.

That is why I want to share 5 keys to fall in love with email marketing and automation in 2022 to increase billing and at the same time connect with your audience.


Hyper-segmentation for hyper-personalization

The possibilities that we have with current email marketing tools (SALESmanago, Connectif, Salesforce, Mailchimp, etc.) when it comes to segmenting are very broad, so it is essential to take advantage of that potential to segment our contacts in the most specific way possible. . From this hyper-segmentation, the next step is to send emails with specific content for that audience based on their interests and tastes. Here automation is key to not die trying when managing all those contacts and shipments.



Persuasive writing or copywriting is what will allow you not only to increase billing, but also to generate an emotional connection with users, therefore it is essential to spend time studying the audience you are going to address. One of the possibilities is to create a buyer person, or simply put, a consumer user prototype of the brand. In this way you will be able to know the preferences, aspirations, fears and feelings of your audience. Naturally, you can have one or more user prototypes that you are targeting. Knowing this, having a team that is specialized in this matter can be a very important factor to be successful in the communications that are sent.


Content is king

This phrase is heard very frequently in the world of marketing, but no matter how common or popular it is, it is still very valid. Therefore, you should always place the content at the center of the message. This task usually takes a long time to work, but sooner or later its fruits begin to reap. As a premise, it is important to create content of timeless value, that is, that it is valuable content today, tomorrow and in a few months or years. If you combine this timeless content with news or immediate consumption content, you will have the perfect sum.


Create a funnel and be aware of the stages of it

Creating a funnel will make you understand that not all the contacts in your database are at the same stage of maturity. Some are just getting to know you, others have already bought from you, and others buy from you every month. So you can’t send everyone the same thing. That is why you must create specific pieces for each stage of the funnel in which your contacts are in order to connect with them based on what solution they are looking for according to their stage of maturity.


Frequency and timing

This aspect, added to the quality of the content, is the key for your email marketing and communication strategy to be disruptive and have an impact on the minds of users. At this point, quality prevails over quantity. This will generate an increase in the opening rate, conversions and the general interaction between the brand and the audience, something that we can take advantage of to have feedback and open our ears to listen to what our clients have to tell us.

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